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A Good Friend Is A Best Friend :)
Monday, 19 December 2011 ? 0 Juri ♥ ?

Its hard to find someone who cares , who loves , who are willing to be with us every time , every second when we need them . To hear when we sigh ,  to comfort when we sad , and to be with us in each difficulties..  

Truly great friends are hard to find , difficult to leave , and impossible to forget. Thanks to all my friends.. i do love all of u truly deep from my heart .. :)

My friend since primary school.

 My ex classmates..
miss all of you damn so much ! memory di KMS is the bestt .. korang semua terbaekk ;)

betul ke ?? ;DD

if i hurt u ,  then i'm sorry ;) assalamualaikum ~

Awak baca ke ? Terima kasih awak ye :D

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